School of tapas: Red pepper and tomato salad from La Mancha

Asadillo manchego

In times of great culinary satiety as it happens after Christmas, I always go back to simple and classic dishes like asadillo Manchego, a delicious roasted red pepper and tomato salad typical from the region of La Mancha. Amazing dish. Asadillo Manchego is made with roasted red peppers, cut into pieces and with a bit… 

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Galletas de jengibre o gingerbread

Gingerbread meets a Spanish landmark

Gingerbread takes the world. But remember that gingerbread is not exactly popular in the south of Europe, where I live. Nor traditional. No, Christmas sweets in Spain are mostly based on tons of almonds, hazelnuts and egg yolks. But today I have decided to merge both cultures: the North of Europe with its spicy and… 

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Albóndigas sefardíes

School of Tapas: Spicy meatballs

These delicious spicy meatballs are in fact a Sephardic recipe. I don’t know why Sephardic cuisine calls my attention so much. Maybe because it always reminds me of recipes I know, but with a different and special touch. And with very pure flavors. This recipe comes from a book of Sephardic recipes by Ana Bensadón…. 

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muffins ingleses

English muffins

Well today it’s bread time at the blog, specifically English muffins day. In Spain we mostly know American style muffins, that certainly do not have much to do with these. So I have to explain my fellow citizens that they are not the same. Every time I make them, ahem. The English are always different…. 

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savory butternut squash coca

Butternut squash pie or coca de calabaza

I am very fond of cocas, they are pizza-like pies, typical from the Mediterranean area of Spain. They are different from the Italian pizza in that the dough usually carries a lot more fat and in that they use no cheese in the ingredients. Therefore when I got hold of some butternut squash that a… 

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Croquetas de queso y setas con manga pastelera

Mushroom and manchego croquettes

My kids love croquettes, but that’s no wonder. I usually make them with the hen I use in the cocido, delicious, and my mother makes us tuna croquettes. But sometimes I like to experiment with new flavors, like these mushroom and manchego croquettes, which are unusual in that the mushroom flavor comes from mushroom meal…. 

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Mojete huertano

Murcia style salad or mojete huertano

Murcia is a region by the Mediterranean, on the south east corner of Spain, well known for its wonderful and plentiful vegetable produce. Therefore it is an area where salad recipes abound. This mojete huertano, meaning something like orchard dip, is a very juicy salad made with char-grilled or scalded fresh tomatoes, onion, canned tuna… 

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